Saturday, May 30, 2015

Svartåbanan and Mälarbanan

Svartåbanan between Svartå and Örebro was built 1897 and was opened for traffic until the 80's. 1989 was decided to demolish the railway which was done 1990-1991.
 The remains can still be found during its path.
 Like this one near the old station Hemsjöstrand.
 Dormen station.

 Mullhyttemo station.

 Bälsåsby station.
 Some parts of the railway has become roads for bikes and cars.

 Some old signs are still there, here is one pointing at non-existing Kvistbro station.
 This is the only thing left of the station.
 Roads for mountain bikes take place on the old railroad now.

 Here is the answer to why this and many other railways have been removed - busses.
 Fjugesta town was the largest one along the Svartåbanan.
 Here the memory of the railway still remains.
 The old Fjugesta station building.

 Pizzeria Verona in Fjugesta.
 Close to Svartå banan, one can find meny abandoned places, like this water tower.
 The view from the top.

 The new Mälarbanan is build here along the motorway E18/E20.
 This part was built particularly to cut the time for travelling to Örebro, and this part of the railway can only be used for passenger trains due to its steep elevation (up to 2,5%). The cargo trains are taking the old railway through Frövi.
 One of the Pink busses are passing by...
 Today the railway is operated by X40 and older SJ cars. The railway was built for speeds up to 250km/h, but today no trains are allowed to do that.

 Valskog station, where Mälarbanan continues (to the left) and the other part is split to Svealandsbanan (to the right).
 Valskog station has had two lives, between 1867-1968 and between 1990-1996.
 The railway seen towards Arboga.
 Svealandsbanan is crossing Forsby-Köping limestone cableway which has been transporting cement to the port of Köping and was shut down 1997.
 SJ Regional X14 is passing by. This line is very short between Eskilstuna and Arboga.
 One and same train is operating here.

 SJ Regional at Folkesta rapeseed field.

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