Friday, March 1, 2024

Tranås, Mjölby, Skänninge

Today is not as sunny and warm as the day before, but let's enjoy the grey weather too
And today I'm enjoying it in Tranås
Not much has changed here since my last visit some years ago. 
Here comes a freight train

187 414
It's one of the newer Class 187 locomotives manufactured in 2023

Foggy weather today
Old snow

Tranås has ticket machines from both Östgötatrafiken and Jönköping Länstrafik

Rc4 1167

Pågatågen is a bit lost, probably on the way to some maintenance or reinforce the service for Östgötapendeln
Two versions of X61

Samskip train is today hauled by 119 008
And look at that, the train driver is saying hello with the front lights

Central Tranås

Now I'm in Mjölby
Tågab is arriving from Hallsberg
Rc2 002

Today's Snälltåget has a sandwich composition
Tågab passenger service in Skänninge
The service is Karlstad-Alvesta

Tågab on the way to Trelleborg to pick up new metro wagons for Stockholm

A third Pågatåg in Östergötland, X61 060 (the other two were 035 and 040), on the way from AB Motala Verkstad

Ma 876 from Svensk Tågkraft

Switch for Hässleholm
TMX 1042

Rc4 1285

185 415, RRS/Sandahls in Mjölby

Rc2 1041 and TMY 110


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