Monday, March 4, 2024

Aulnay-Sous-Bois, Bondy, Chelles Gournay

I'm on my way to Italy with a stopover in Paris
Arriving in CDG airport
CDG Express train was initially planned to open at the Paris Olympic games this summer, but it is delayed until 2027

So, until then it is RER train

RER line B

At Aulnay Sous Bois there are no freight trains

Work on tracks
After taking a tram to Bondy station, I am at the RER line E
RER line E is the newest one, opened in 1999. The rolling stock is MI 2N
This train has huge doors and a capacity of more than 2600 passengers
Arriving at Chelles-Gournay station which is the terminus for RER Line E
Transilien lien P 
This line is connected with LGV Est

I can even spot German train here

Finally I can spot a freight 

RER Line E has also the newest type of the rolling stock, RER NG
It's also double deck train

Tram line 4 between RER station with lines E and B
Alstom Citadis Dualis
Back at Aulnay
Back at the airport
Not having lounge access at my terminal, I'm spending 18EUR for dinner like this in Exki
Not possible to access the Air France lounge unless flying Business or having Sky Team Elite plus or Flying blue Gold
With a Priority pass it is possible to get into Yotel Lounge, but it is located in another terminal, and it is non-Schengen so it is necessary to go through passport control

It is necessary to have some time to get here and also to go back
Here it is
It was definitely not worth going here
This is it
CDG is a bit strange airport, does not look like any other airports

Snack in Economy class
Arriving at Florence airport with a very short landing runway, especially for an A319 plane

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