Wednesday, November 1, 2023

South Africa

As mentioned I'm heading far south, I will keep this post short, and unfortunately not much trains
Night flight to Johannesburg
I've been taking night trains, the night plane is not very comfortable in Economy class, but it's possible to sleep
The first photo in South Africa is with rain
Later on it is more sunny weather
The coast near Durban

Perfect place for windsurfing
As I'm here for work; I'm visiting several places. There are railways in South Africa but this time I had not much possibility to photograph it. Here is one photo of a freight train
I'm now on the way north, not far from Kruger Park which I'll be visiting shortly

Wild horses
Wild animals in Kruger Park

A short visit in Pretoria

On the domestic flight to Cape Town

Here is one more train near the harbor in Cape Town

On my way up to the Table mountain


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