Friday, November 24, 2023

Mjölby, Jakobshyttan, Dunsjö, Vretstorp, Hallsberg

Now comes the time of the year when it is better to be at home. Nevertheless I will check out some of my favourite spots in Östergötland and Närke
On my way to Norrköping through Katrineholm in the rain

From now on I will not be able to see which freight trains are on the railroads, just like in other countries. So, if I'm lucky, I will see something
When I'm here on a Wednesday around 19:30 I can spot TXL train leaving Katrineholm freight terminal

Norrköping tram in the rain
Following days the weather is better
SJ Euronight at Mjölby
The train has 5 cars with European width and 2 cars with Sweden/Norway width. The reason for the Swedish B10 cars is to get the braking system to work properly and thus increase the speed of the train. The European sleeper cars had some problems with that, so this should be a temporary solution. Swedish B10 cars are running empty and only in Sweden.
Jakobshyttan at the railway Mjölby-Hallsberg
I do not have information about what train it is, but my guess is it's a car train from Germany to north Sweden.
Rd2 1033 and 1133

Krösatåget 1404 is on the way for maintenance 

Tågab Rc2 010

It's windy today
Little bit further north is Dunsjö/Runsala
RRS train on the way to Nässjö and Helsingborg
Sandahls has now 7 Traxx locomotives that are used on the routes Luleå/Umeå/Sundsvall to Göteborg/Helsingborg/Falköping. This one is 185 416

The next day's morning brings some weak sun

Train spotting in Vretstorp, SJ Intercity to Karlstad
X2 to Göteborg
A Ryanair plane from Standstedt to Örebro


A bit delayed night train in Hallsberg

It's late November, and even at noon the sun is only showing itself a bit above the horizon, so I get a lot of shadow in my sights
SJ Intercity to the left and Tågab to the right are leaving Hallsberg

Tågfrakt Rc4 1146

Tågab Rc2 1066
TMY 105

Rc4 1270
Sandahls RRS Traxx coming from the north

185 410

Another Sandahls RRS
185 414

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