Friday, September 29, 2023

Galgahévíz, Szár

More photos from different parts of Hungary
Galgahévíz station, located on the Budapest–Hatvan railway line eastbound
242 274, TransLog Slovakia, a.s.

1116 004, RCHun - Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt.

Train from Miskolc
and with wagons from Slovakia
Szár station on the Budapest–Hegyeshalom railway 
As I found out earlier, the railway is under reconstruction, and only one track is open between Budapest-Kelenföld and Tatabanya
However, some trains are still using the line

Railjet to Vienna is one of them
Also, there are freight trains still using the line
240 073 from ZOS, operated by Retrack

On the way to Bulgaria?

Container train from Austria
1116 116-5 with country package: A, D, H, BG, CZ, CH

480 011, "Heroes of the future"

386 204, RegioJet

The last days of the summer heat
After 4 trains in the eastbound direction, it is time for the westbound trains
It can't be easy to organize a single-track traffic with so many trains, but thanks to less services and some places where trains can meet, it works quite ok

Even the slower fright trains have space here
M62-104 from 1962 is still on tracks, it belongs to V-HÍD Építő Zrt. (VHÍD)

602 001, Softronic Phoenix from MMV - MMV Magyar Magánvasút Zrt.

Another Softronic Phoenix, 471 002 from Deutsche Bahn Cargo Romania S.R.L.

1116 011 and 1116 117, RCHun - Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt.

193 270, LTE Logistik- and Transport- GmbH

1116 119, ÖBB - Österreichische Bundesbahnen

Since no trains are servicing this station at the moment, there are replacement buses
1116 025 with a military transport

183 717, StB TL - Steiermarkbahn Transport and Logistik GmbH

It's getting late, the sun will soon disappear
193 203, TXL - TX Logistik AG

Budapest by night


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