Monday, September 25, 2023

Budapest, Érd alsó, Érd felső, Tétényliget, Budafok

Once again I'm in Hungary, and this time it is still summer weather even though it is late September
At Biatorbágy station, I found out that the line 1 (Budapest–Hegyeshalom) is under reconstruction with very limited traffic
There are no services at stations between Budapest and Tatabanya

The only trains operating the line are the long-distance trains to/from Austria
The question is whether there are any freight trains. I wait and see, no trains for some time... 
I'll get back here another day

Budapest is beautiful this time of the year

Budapest has many different tram types, this must be one of the older ones

Back to the trains, the next day I have time to visit Érd alsó station near Budapest
The station is located at the Budapest-Székesfehérvár railway line
Just nearby is the Érd felső (upper) station which is on the Budapest–Pusztaszabolcs line
I can see both stations here, the photo is taken from the upper station platform
Tétényliget station

188 001 is the latest version of Traxx MS locomotives, it should cover all European countries

Metrans train on the way to Croatia or Slovenia, I suppose
383 420

Freight train with Class 630

Budafok station is serving both railway lines 

The station is located just next to the Danube river 

Older Skoda locomotives

And here is an old Swedish one from NOHAB

Newer Romanian locomotive

Trams in Budapest


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