Saturday, June 3, 2023

Langdorp, Bilzen, Tongeren, Schulen,

Another sunny day in Belgium, this time I visit the line Montzenroute
Montzenroute - the railway line between Antwerpen and Aachen in Germany

The railway line consists of Line 35 Leuven-Hasselt (where I'm right now), Line 34 Hasselt-Liege, and Line 24 Tongeren-Aachen. Also, there is a line from Aarschot to Antwerp, but I will not visit it this time. 
I expect to see freight trains here. 
SNCB Class 77 and 78, aka MaK G 1205
ICE 3neo train on a test run in Belgium. DB has purchased 17 sets for the operations in Belgium and the Netherlands, starting from 2024-
At Bilzen I can spot a freight train (from the wrong side)
Not easy to spot a train before it's coming

Bilzen station
Now, the trains start to roll on the line
186 215, Railtraxx

186 220, Crossrail

186 148, HSL

193 351
Between Tongeren and Aachen, the railway line is only used by freight so there are no stations I can visit. The line was built in 1917, due to the closure of the much faster route Iron Rhine closure. This happened because Belgium was occupied by Germany during the 1st World War, while the Netherlands retained its neutrality. Iron Rhine route was located more in the north, thus passing by through the Netherlands (Roermond).

186 231, DB Cargo

The freight trains are really silent here, I can't here them until they are already there

ICE 3neo at Schulen
For testing purposes, I and C are removed 

186 187, Crossrail Benelux - which is a subsidiary of BLS Cargo AG

186 269, Crossrail (Rhenus Logistics livery)

Class 66, JT42CWRM
DE 6309, Crossrail

186 230, Crossrail

186 151, Railtraxx NV - which is a subsidiary of Captrain

186 459, Lineas

186 166 and 186 171, Euro Cargo Rail - a subsidiary of DB Cargo France

186 208, RTB Cargo at Langdorp

DE 6310, Crossrail

Vossloh Euro 4000, 4016 - Europorte

186 506, Lineas

186 384, Lineas

186 386, Lineas


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