Saturday, May 6, 2023

Turin, Vignale, Bellinzago, Trecate, Garbagna, Grugliasco, Castelrosso

Time for a new Italy trip
Changing places in Frankfurt
Small Air Dolomiti plane from Frankfurt to Turin

My initial plan was to visit the Turin-Modane railway, but when I arrived at Grugliasco station I found out that the line closed between Salbertrand and Modane
So, only Regional trains were operating on the line until Salbertrand

So, I'm changing my plans and heading to the Turin-Milan railway, here is Castelrosso station
Torrazza Piemonte
From here I can see the Basilica di San Gaudenzio in Novara
Bellinzago station on the line Alessandria-Novara-Arona
No trains here for time being
Back at Turin-Milan railway, Trecate station
Finally, I can spot a freight train with Class 652 locomotive

There has been a lot of raining recently, so much of the fields are filled with water
Perhaps the birds like it

Garbagna station at Alessandria-Novara-Arona railway

At Vignale station, I'm hoping to see some trains from Switzerland, and here it is
Arriving from the Novara–Gozzano–Domodossola railway
474 017

Freiburg-Novara rolling highway train is leaving Novara
486 510

Caltignana station just north of Vignale

At Turin, I'm taking a walk in town

Nice artigianale birra

Trams in Turin
Castello del Valentino
Tram ATM serie 2800


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