Sunday, May 14, 2023

Sant'Ambrogio, Rosta

On my last day during this trip, I visit Fréjus Railway (the line between Turin and Modane).
Actually, I did want to visit this line earlier and spend more time here, but it was closed due to railway work. Now it is open, but I don't have much time and it is Sunday.
At Sant'Ambrogio station, I can spot these two Class 652 on the way to France

Similar lines between Italy and Austria or Switzerland have much more freight traffic, but not to/from France for some reasons

Anyway, there are some passenger trains here at least

Monastery Sacra di San Michele
At Rosta I can spot a French freight train
436 439 and 436 350
SNCF Class BB 36000, or FS Class E436, with nickname "Astride"
These locomotives are only used here on the route between France and Italy

At the rear, there is another E436

Frecciarossa from Paris


Another freight train with Jeep and Fiat cars
652 040 and 652 048

Friendly message at the airport

Airport crocodile
Turin airport

Change in Munich

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