Saturday, March 11, 2023

Switzerland: BLS

I'm on my way to Switzerland, today I will spend a day in BLS conutry
After spending a night in Germany (since it's cheaper) I'm on my way to Switzerland
And as it often is in Mars, the winter is not yet over


Lötschberg-Simplon railway

465 005

GTS train from Italy

More BLS, 485 014

I'm now 692 meters above sea level, and it is colder here

475 421 and 193 711

RAlpin Freiburg Novara

425 195

Reichenbach im Kandertal

Eurocity Basel-Milan

It's Easter soon
3 min delay
Halt auf Verlangen

Nice but expensive dinner on board SBB train
Tram to my hotel in Basel (just on the border with Germany)

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