Sunday, March 5, 2023

Germany: Magdeburg to Berlin

Today I will be on my way from Magdeburg to Berlin, passing through Roßlau (Elbe) and Lutherstadt
Not many people eating breakfast early morning on a Sunday

Magdeburg Hbf
New trains for ODEG
Wahlitz station


Looks like a black cat looking
Not the best weather today for trainspotting

189 843, NeS - Netzwerkbahn Sachsen GmbH


193 583

152 073
The label is saying it has a country package: D, A*, CH*, DK*, NL*

V 100.1

193 755, PKP Cargo International a.s.

Bridge over Elbe River

186 552, Metrans at Klieken


Lutherstadt Wittenberg-Piesteritz
Surprised to see Banksy here

192 004, IL - InfraLeuna GmbH

Berlin Brandenburg airport


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