Thursday, January 5, 2023

Lavagna, Cavi

I'm on my way to the station, and I can already spot a freight train

Ligurian sea in the morning

Today I will spend the day at the coast, visiting some of my favourite places

Genova Nervi station

I'm visiting Lavagna and Cavi stations

The direct Regionale Veloce train from Milan is arriving at Cavi
First-class coach is available

I'm expecting to see some freight trains here today, here is one
483 305, Captrain

Nightjet service from Munich/Vienna to Milan has been extended to La Spezia, tomorrow I will be taking it to Germany
The idea is very good, as many passengers are traveling to the coast anyway

Intercity Notte from Salerno

483 010, Medway

483 014, Oceanogate
Alphatrains livery on this train

484 105, Oceanogate

MRCE Dispolok livery

494 573, Captrain

483 019, Oceanogate

This is what I've been waiting for

483 014 is already back

483 308, Captrain

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