Friday, January 27, 2023

Czechia - part 1

Once again I'm on my way to Czhechia - where I'll spend some time 
Flying Austrian

A break in the Vienna airport lounge

This time I'm staying in Prague
Prague is beautiful anytime of the year and in any weather condition

Anything you need for a "happy" life

And now it is time for some trains, this time I'm heading on the Prague-Děčín  railway 
Class 363


186 433, Metrans

Kostel svatého Mikuláše

Malé Žernoseky

This year I'm on the left side of the Labe/Elbe railway, on the other side is the right bank or so-called "coal railway"

It is winter, so there is snow on top of the hills

742 627, BF Logistics s.r.o.

It is indeed more trains on side of the Labe river

383 404

370 049

Cargounit locomotive with PL, D, A, BG, SK, RO, SLO, CZ, H, HR country package

Class 753

193 586

386 008

Litochovice nad Labem

753 732, PKP Cargo

383 413

628 261

Class 130

388 010

388 011

And now, the most interesting station so far is Prackovice nad Labem

On the other side is Libochovany, which I visited last year when the weather was much better than now

Class 121

186 364, HSL

"Wave rider" is the other locomotive in the HSL series, the first one is "Night rider"

130 046, SD - Kolejová Doprava

386 019

386 003

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