Sunday, October 2, 2022

Hungary - part 3

I'm not done with Hungary yet
One railway I have not covered yet is the one from Budapest to Slovakia via Szob station
Unfortunately it is heavy raining today, but it won't stop me 
Stadler trains are operating on this line

193 672, Retrack Slovakia s.r.o.
Vác-Alsóváros station

230 092

ČD Class 380
Class 380 is Škoda's entry into the modern electric locomotive market. Internally designated Type 109E, the locomotives were originally conceived in 2004 and designed for operation in Austria, Germany, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia as well as the Czech Republic. The 109E Škoda has a top speed of 200 km/h and is compatible with both AC and DC catenaries, as is expected of current multisystem locomotives. The locomotives are equipped to work on three electrification systems: 3 kV DC, 25 kV 50 Hz AC, and 15 kV 16.7 Hz AC, drawing power from overhead lines. (Wikipedia)
Bzmot series is MÁV's light railway branch line motor train manufactured in Czechoslovakia, the main vehicle type of railway branch line transport in Hungary. Common nicknames are "little red", "beige" and "Tégla" (or from the name Bzmot: buzenyka, bézmot, bűzmot). (Wikipedia)
Kisvác station

044 112, Railtrans International

Bag station, which is on the line Budapest-Miskolc

I'm in Budapest, at the Ferencváros station

The new permanent exhibition site of the Hungarian National Museum "The Circles of Hell ... Malenki Robot - Forced Labor in the Soviet Union" commemorates the massive displacement of women and men after the Second World War. The nuclear-proof building at the Ferencváros Railway Station used to be a civil defense center for the Hungarian State Railroads. Today the national Malenki Robot Memorial is located here. (

Station cat family

More rain


Transport of 192 011, for UTZ - UNICOM TRANZIT SA

Dacia Duster from Romania
Keleti station in the evening

Night train Ister to Bucharest

Hauled by Traxx from MAV Start

Törökbálint on the last day of this trip
761 005, METRANS (Danubia) a.s.
Siemens ER20

French Alstom Prime locomotive in Hungary
491 002 from Akiem 
The locomotive has country package: HU, RO, HR

Night train to Budapest

192 883,


388 208, RegioJet
Traxx P160 MS3 - not only used for passenger service

Here it is, the Soviet-made MAV M62

187 524, PSŽ - Prvá Slovenská železničná a.s.

187 931, LTE

Bye Bye to Budapest

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