Sunday, October 9, 2022

Autumn in Sweden

I'm back in Sweden, this weekend I will spot a little bit of everything
At Flen station I can spot the new Euronight train between Hamburg and Stockholm
The service got a little bit bad start with only couchette cars approved for traffic through Denmark, that is why there were only 1 or 2 wagons at the start
The wagons are coming from German company RDC
So, now there are two companies operating the route between Sweden and Germany

Here in Flen, I can also spot Green Cargo service from Oxelösund to Borlänge

In Mjölby I can spot the Hector Rail train to Katrineholm, which is by the way 925 minutes late today

RRS train to Helsingborg

DB Cargo to Rosersberg

It's warm and windy today

Hector Rail to Kimstad and Skärblacka
While Vectron is one of the most typical locomotives when I travel in Europe, there is only one freight company operating with this locomotive in Sweden. 

"Rush Rail" T66

TX Logistik to Katrineholm
185 407


CFL Cargo 

Rc 003 from STAB

Next morning in Hallsberg

Tågab to Gävle

TX Logistik to Folkesta
185 408

Tågfrakt to Göteborg
Rc4 1164 from Nordic Re-Finance AB

Tågab to Katrineholm
Rc3 008

CFL Cargo to Göteborg


Last days of X14 which will soon be replaced by Stadler ER1 on the route Västerås-Ludvika

Outside Avesta Krylbo

Train to Fors

Tågab/Specialvirke train near Storvik


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