Sunday, April 10, 2022

Wiesbaden-Biebrich, Wiesbaden-Schierstein, Niederwalluf, Oestrich-Winkel, Assmannshausen, Voroux

New trip is underway, this time Frankfurt-Brussels by train and the flights to/from Stockholm
Arlanda Central
Grey and cold in Stockholm
No wonder people are trying to escape
Unfortunately, after the pandemic, the airport staff is unable to handle the increased passenger amount, which leads to long queues for the security control 
As a compensation for the long queue, I treat myself with a visit to the lounge

After arriving in Frankfurt, I stay the night in Mainz - in the morning I can see the blue sky and the sun

Mainz train station is seen from my hotel room window

Mainz station
At Wiesbaden I'm changing trains

My first photo stop is at Wiesbaden Biebrich
The East Rhine railway is starting here 
193 599, ecco-rail

Today all long-distance trains from the West Rhine railway are diverted here due to railway works

185 262

There has been a heavy rain somewhere

Ride without risk
The Easter bunny is about to eat some chicken nuggets


Uerdingen railbus from 1950

193 815, Retrack GmbH & Co.


186 264, CTL Logistics GmbH

185 544, Rail Cargo Carrier - PCT GmbH

193 207, FRACHTbahn Traktion GmbH

193 252, TX Logistik


187 178

185 275

193 825, Retrack GmbH & Co. KG


248 011, BM Bahndienste GmbH
Vectron Dual Mode

Now it's raining a lot, hope not for long
The rain is gone, I can visit the town

Located at the Rhein river, this is one of the most picturesque towns in the Rheingau region

Rheinstein Castle

Burg Reichenstein

Spring is here
I'm heading back to the train station

Citizens are protesting against freight trains during night time

189 997, ecco-rail

185 063

186 296, Lineas

193 309

475 415

192 024

I'm continuing my journey

St. Goarshausen


185 529, TX Logistik

From Koblenz, I'm taking the long distance trains to Aachen
Having a beer at the SBB Eurocity 

SBB 2nd class car
Changing trains at Köln 
ICE train to Aachen

I'm staying one night in Aachen before continuing to Brussels

In the morning, I'm taking the Belgian train from Aachen


I was hoping to see some freight trains here in Belgium, but it seems that Sundays are not good days for trainspotting

So, I'll just spot the passenger trains on my way to the airport

Changing trains in Landen

My lunch

This was the only freight train I saw today from a train window

Belgian locomotive that is now also possible to view in Czechia

On my way to the airport, I'm taking the Intercity from Amsterdam

Brussels airport has a train station
I thought my Interrail ticket was valid here, but nope
I had to pay for a supplement

Brussels airlines arriving at Bromma airport in Stockholm
Bromma airport has now it's own tram station just outside the terminal


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