Saturday, April 23, 2022

Örebro, Runsala, Hallsberg

A sunny April day in Närke
RRS train passing through Örerbo central

Örebro södra
Spring is definetely here

Hector Rail container train from Piteå

241 006 "Calrissian"

GC 5661

There has recently been major upgrade of the railway tracks here, so everything is brand new
GC 4911

Same train later at Jakobshyttan

DB Cargo at Runsala

Transport for Lidl


TMX 1042


T43 242

Rc 003 operated by CFL Cargo

TX Logistik 44180

At the end the majestic S:t Botvid church of Oxelösund

Femöre fortress 


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