Saturday, May 22, 2021

Skövde, Jönköping, Hässleholm

Today I'm traveling with Flixtrain for the first time
German low-cost company Flixtrain has just started a line in Sweden between Stockholm and Göteborg. Today, however, the train goes only to Partille due to railway works.
Two trains are used on the line, each with one Vectron locomotive from Hector Rail and 4 cars

Flixtrains is using older german cars, refurbished recently
100 seats in each car, compared to 78 in SJ B7 car
There is only one class in whole train, and it is not possible to purchase snacks/drinks.
Same cars are used in Germany on Flixtrains lines.

Looks a bit tight
Flixtrain is the only company offering place for bicycles between Stockholm and Göteborg
Arriving to Skövde

GC 5566

GC 4532 Göteborg-Jönköping


Lake Vättern

Message from local authorities telling people to not get crowded
Krösatåg to Växjö

HR 41074 at Hässleholm station
241 006 "Calrissian"

Tågab 68352 from Trelleborg to Älvsjö with a new batch of new C30 metro cars for Stockholm
Rc2 1040

GC 46251 
An unusual combination of Rd2 and Traxx

GC 4168

Traveling back to Stockholm with another low-cost company, Snälltåget. Compared to Flixtrain, Snälltåget is offering warm food and drinks in a real restaurant car.

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