Thursday, May 20, 2021

Avesta, Krylbo, Karbenning, Sala

For a few days, I'm in Avesta - which is in the south part of the Dalarna region. Nearby Krylbo station is one of the busiest in Sweden when it comes to freight trains.
Avesta ironworks old location, today a place for art and culture
Dalälven river
Dalabanan railway runs through Avesta, but the trains do not stop here
Instead, I'm heading to nearby Krylbo station. On my way I can spot a rainbow

The walk is about 40 minutes from Avesta to Krylbo
Krylbo train station

The station name has been changed to include both towns
GC 4325 from Skelleftehamn to Helsingborg
Rd2 1086

HR 41424 from Skövde to Holmsund
243 108 "Mallet"
On the following day in Krylbo I can spot CFL Cargo 49501 from Insjön to Göteborg Skandiahamnen. It is delayed due to railway works ahead.

185 686 Traxx

Lucky for me, TiB train arrives at Krylbo, and to get a better spot on CFL Cargo train I decide to travel to nearby Karbenning station.

Karbenning station

Just as I expected, CFL Cargo train went right after TiB
The train is 108 minutes delayed

GC 9050 to Krylbo

Rc4 1269 and 1280
Monster containers from Stora Enso

CFL Cargo 49520 from Göteborg to Krylbo
Freshly repainted Rc4 1158, with Nordic Re-Finance livery

Traveling back to Krylbo

Centrumkyrkan church in Avesta

Today I can spot Helsingborg train in Avesta

The old town

Railway cat

Beautiful sunset over Avesta

3rd evening in Krylbo
GC 5861 Gävle-Hallsberg
Rd2 1136

Stora Enso train arriving from Borlänge
It will become longer here in Krylbo, as the wagons from Fors will be attached

SJ Intercity train 26 from Stockholm to Falun

GC 78502 Hallsberg-Ånge

The 4th and last evening in Krylbo
There's no need to walk between Krylbo and Avesta, there are local buses taking just about 10minutes
I think I've seen enough of Krylbo for this time, so I decide to take a trip to Sala
On SJ Intercity train it is possible to have a beer
Arriving to Sala
GC 78743 from Borlänge/Krylbo to Hallsberg

ER1 train on the route Sala-Linköping

CFL Cargo 49522 

Upptåget arriving from Uppsala

Ma 405

Visiting Sala

GC 78731

GC 78502


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