Saturday, March 6, 2021

Nässjö, Gamlarp, Jönköping, Åsbro

Today I'm visiting Nässjö and some other places

Nässjö is located at Southern Main line and also connecting to Jönköping, Eksjö, Vetlanda and Vaggeryd
X11 3138 "Krösatåg" on the route Växjö-Jönköping
Hector Rail 45022 to Gamlarp
Since the bridge accident in Denmark, the pocket wagons with semi-trailers are transported through Trelleborg. Here is a train with more heavy wagons that are allowed to pass through Denmark,

TX Logistik 44155 to Trelleborg
185 693

Green Cargo 9557 at Gamlarp, just north of Nässjö

The track to Gamlarp terminal is open

Hector Rail train continues to Gamlarp

The train is already shorter, half of the wagons were left at Nässjö, they will continue shortly to Falköping

241 012 "Chewbacca" is returning back to Nässjö to pick up the wagons for Falköping

Y32 1411 at Jönköping

Green Cargo 4532 from Falköping is approaching Jönköping

Rd2 1096

Railway worker at Skänninge station
Instead of taking a much shorter road from Nässjö to Falköping via Jönköping, this train is taking a longer route through Hallsberg. The reason is probably that the train is too heavy for Jönköpingsbanan
Hector Rail 17803
"Chewbacca" has now reached Skänninge

Green Cargo 66111 to Nässjö near Godegård

Tågab 47299 to Grums at Jakobshyttan
Rc2 009

Green Cargo 4166 to Hallsberg

Rc4 1301


Hector Rail 17805 from Falköping to Gamlarp is also taking the long route through Hallsberg
241 003 "Organa"


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