Saturday, March 20, 2021

Lund, Stångby, Östervärn, Linköping

Today I'm doing a short visit to Skåne
As usually, I'm taking Snälltåget from Stockholm to Skåne

It's nice and sunny this Friday evening, unfortunately it will be grey weather on Saturday

The next day I'm in Lund
Green Cargo 79324 with Rd2 1100
Green Cargo 5711
Rd2 1083

Two months after inauguration all trams had to be sent for repair, this is the first one that is back in service

The reason for the urgent repair can be viewed in this photo, due to many bicyclists in town, the trams had to brake suddenly which caused the wheels to become broken. I think that the citizens of Lund have to make sure to not make the trams use the brakes in the future.
My hotel is offering in-room breakfast, a bit unusual that works too

Station birds are having breakfast too

Hector Rail 40973 with 441 001 "Cyborg"

I'm taking the local train one stop north of Lund to Stångby

DB Cargo Scandinavia 70809

Since January this year, all freight trains traveling from Sweden to Europe have to be divided into two types, one with heavy containers that are allowed to pass through Denmark, and the other type with lighter pocket wagons with semi-trailers that have to go through Trelleborg. This one has heavy containers
185 323

Super lightweight container is still heavy enough for Denmark

193 254

Green Cargo 4615

Rd2 1096

Green Cargo 4166
Rc4 1141

Hector Rail 26868 is the type of train not allowed through Denmark
241 010 "Yoda"

One heavy container on this train, the rest are the semi-trailers

Stångby is operated only with Pågatåg line Kristianstad-Hyllie

From Stångby it is also possible to take the bus to Lund

At Östervärn in Malmö I'm expecting to see some trains traveling to/from Denmark
DB 36771
185 336

GC 45517 to Trelleborg

Rc4 1143 and 1147

X61 on the line Malmö-Kävlinge
DB 36936 arriving from Denmark

185 329

DB 36807
EG 3111


DB 44720
EG 3112
Many trains today on this route, the reason is that there will be maintenance works on the bridge and the traffic will be disrupted for almost 24h

The new transportation method is very convenient, it takes less than 10min to go between Malmö C and Östervärn with e-scooter

Not only DB trains arriving from Denmark
GC 36528

Br 5334, aka 185 334

Same train a bit later in Lund

Rd2 1310

SJ night train 68 from Malmö to Duved
Rc6 1366

My X2 train is overtaking the night train somewhere between Hässleholm and Alvesta
ER1 at Linköping serving the route to Sala

Hector Rail 40745 to Stockaryd

243 120 "Rudolf Wall"

ER1 at Katrineholm

Hector Rail 40116 to Värtan


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