Saturday, February 13, 2021

Kramfors, Västeraspby, Selsjön, Långsele

My winter journeys continue, this time I'm visiting the main railway through inner Norrland at the Västernorrland region.
First, I'm taking the train to Sundsvall - X55 to the left. 
Then, Norrtåg to Kramfors

My hotel in Kramfors
Next morning, I'm heading to the local gas station to rent a car

Gudmundrå church
Next stop after Kramfors is Västeraspby, located near Höga Kusten airport
CFL Cargo 25159 from Husum to Katrineholm
Not many freight trains are using the ERTMS railway Botniabanan/Ådalsbanan
The new Class 187 Traxx is supporting ERTMS, but there are not many locomotives in Sweden that can be used here. 

Ådalsbanan is continuing from Västeraspby to Sollefteå and Långsele
While the rest of Ådalsbanan between Sundsvall and Västeraspby was rebuilt with speed limits of 140km/h on older sections and up to 250km/h on the new section, this part until Långsele has a speed limit of 40km/h due to a bad shape
At one point I can spot a moose lying on the track
Luckily the moose went away just before the train was coming
Hector Rail 46414 from Ånge to Gimonäs

It goes really slow here, the 48km long railway between Långsele and Västeraspby is taking 1h20min for this train

142 204 "Kane" and 243 120 "Rudolf Wall"

Boteå church
I've arrived to Forsmo hydro power station
Forsmo bridge, constructed in 1912

RRS 42596 passing over the bridge

Eds church 

RRS 42204

Rc4 1314 and 1289

Crispy and cold day today

I've decided to come closer to the bridge, to the place where the old bridge once was located. Not sure if it was a good idea due to a large amount of snow, but I made it just in time for this RRS 42502 train - to Luleå
Rc4 1161
Green Cargo 5904 to Piteå

Rd2 1076 and Rc4 1195
Hector Rail 41432 to Holmsund is 336 minutes late

142 211 "Dobbs", 142 106 "Stark", and 243 116 "Buchli"
And now I've reached the main railway hub in this area - Långsele
Green Cargo 4002 has been stuck here in Långsele

Old platforms, but unfortunately no passenger services, hopefully someday in the future Norrtåg will start the line Umeå-Östersund that will stop here.

TMZ 1418

Green Cargo 9102

Mb 4008 and 4006

T44 131 was manufactured in Sweden but has been since 1989 operated in Israel, now back to Sweden and repainted with Railcare / Kaunis Iron livery
One of the Traxx locomotives being repainted
482 040 from SBB Cargo will also be repainted in black livery soon 

CargoNet 41919
185 714

CargoNet 41905
185 692

Change of locomotive driver here in Långsele

Green Cargo 4005

View from Hallstaberget 

Watching Melodifestivalen, Swedish selection for Eurovision song contest

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