Saturday, February 6, 2021

Bräcke, Övsjö, Kälarne, Ragunda

I'm on my way once again to the north, this time I will be based in Östersund and spotting the north line between Bräcke and Ragunda.
Arriving at Östersund on Friday evening
X55 is operating as SJ Snabbtåg service 598
On the following day, I'm starting in Bräcke

Green Cargo 9114 to Borlänge

Re 1438

Hector Rail 41772 to Storflon

243 117 "De Glehn", Vectron AC DPM
142 106 "Stark"

Gimån river

Nyhem church


Hector Rail 25370 to Gimonäs
142 211 "Dobbs"

Green Cargo 4325 to Helsingborg

Rd2 1099 and 1038

Green Cargo 9102

Mb 4006 and 4008

New wagons from Wascosa and Tatravagónka, more flexible and silent than the old ones

Green Cargo 75064 from Örebro to Kälarne

Rd2 1079 and Rc4 1176

After the grey morning, the sun is finally showing its light

Lake Ansjön

Chickens are enjoying the sun
The car I'm renting this time

Green Cargo 4002 to Narvik

Rc4 1314 and 1287

Kälarne is one of the "large" towns along this railway line, it has around 400 inhabitans. Today the railway here has only freight services. According to a study for the new passenger service Östersund-Umeå, there would be new stops in Kälarne, Ragunda, Bispgården, Långsele and Sollefteå

75km away from Bräcke is Ragunda
A train stop is planned here as well, much due to a nearby town of Hammarstrand (6km away)

CargoNet 41919, today with 2 Traxx locomotives

185 708 and 185 709

I'm taking a walk while waiting for the other CargoNet train

Here it is, CargoNet 41905

On the way back to Östersund, I'm passing by Gesunden, which is part of Indalsälven river

Stugun new church

The hotel I'm staying at is an old theatre


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