Saturday, December 19, 2020

Trelleborg, Svågertorp, Lomma

I'm back in Skåne this weekend, and I will be visiting various places but mostly spot freight trains on the way to/from Denmark.
Hyllie in the morning
First stop is Svågertorp station
Hector Rail train 36837/42702 from Katrineholm to Krefeld Uerdingen in Germany

DB Cargo Scandinavia train 36618/44720 from Maschen to Malmö
EG 3103

I will later return to Svågertorp, but now I will visit Trelleborg
Trelleborg central station is a terminus and it has only two tracks
Pågatåg trains operates the line to Trelleborg again from 2015.
From the station I'm taking bus nr2 to a place nearby
From Dalköping ängar I will walk along the beach to central Trelleborg

Trelleborg has a ferry terminal for services to Poland and Germany. Many freight trains are using the ferry service to Travemünde and Rostock.

The railway is located next to the sea in Trelleborg

Trelleborg water tower

The street of Corfitz Beck-Friis - one of the founders of the Trelleborg harbour

Trelleborg train station

Trains are departing every 30 minutes and it takes only 30 minutes to reach Malmö
At Svågertorp I can spot an Öresundståg without passengers

Cars for rent outside Svågertorp station

After a somehow sunny morning, it is getting foggy which is very common this time of the year
3 different Pågatåg lines are passing by Svågertorp, the line from Simrishamn/Ystad to Eslöv and Helsingborg (this service do not stop at Svågertorp), the line from Trelleborg to Landskrona and Helsingborg, the line from Malmö C via Persborg to Lomma and Kävlinge.
DB Cargo Scandinavia train 36807/42739 from Malmö to Köln

EG 3105

From Svågertorp, I'm traveling one stop to Persborg
Here I can spot TX Logistik train 44189 with only locomotive
185 682 Traxx F140 AC2

Since December 12th, the line to Lomma has been re-opened for passenger services after a longer break
X61 Pågatåg at Lomma station

I'm back at Svågertorp
Hector Rail train 42704 from Krefeld-Uerdingen to Katrihenolm is arriving from Denmark
241 008 "Galore"

Sunset over Skåne

Train 36801/41753 from Roserberg to Lübeck
185 329

Train 36825/44733 to Maschen
EG 3107

Train 44722 from Maschen
EG 3109

The new line to Lomma is already visible inside the train, also there are new stations of Svalöv, Kågeröd and Billesholm available, but they will open in December 2021.
I'm back at Hyllie

The view from my hotel


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