Sunday, December 20, 2020

Svågertorp, Furulund, Kävlinge

On day 2 in Skåne, I will be visiting Svågertorp station once again and some other places
Svågertorp station, Sunday morning

Train 36809/42743 from Malmö to Bad Bentheim

Train 42714 from Wanne to Malmö
185 328 Traxx F140 AC2

Svågertorp station opened in 2000
From Svågertorp I'm taking the train to Furulnd (another new station that opened a week ago). Due to train number change at Hyllie, it has destination Hyllie and later will be changed to Kävlinge.

Furulund is the second new station at Lommabanan railway.

Furulund is very close to Kävlinge, so I'm walking instead of taking the train

Passing by central Kävlinge

Kävlinge station

Train 5154 to Göteborg
Rd2 1116

From Kävlinge I'm traveling to Lund. Öresundståg train usually do not stop here, but there is railway track failure between Helsingborg and Lund, so all trains have to operate with reduced speed of 70km/h instead of the usual 180km/h and 200km/h
On top of that, there was a failure on this specific train, so the trip between Kävlinge and Lund took almost 1h instead of 5-10minutes. Here in the northwest part of Lund, the station of Gunnesbo the train was terminated so I had to continue with an e-scooter.

I'm back at Svågertorp, to spot some more trains
After seeing many DB Cargo trains, it is time for a Green Cargo international service
Train 46250 from Gent Zeehaven to Älmhult
Br 5405 is a former 185 405 from DB Schenker Rail Scandiavia
The locomotive can operate in Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Austria

Train 44722 from Maschen to Malmö

EG 3107


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