Sunday, November 22, 2020

Arboga, Eskilstuna

I'm on the night train from Boden and waking up near Kumla.

There is a delayed rail work near Hallsberg, so the train has been standing still here in Hallsberg for a while. I'm deciding to not continue to Göteborg, instead, I will be visiting Eskilstuna today and spotting 4 different freight trains. The other reason is that the weather seems to be better in this region than in the Göteborg area.

The first freight train to spot today is 41481 which is also delayed on its way to Skövde

243 119 Vectron AC

I'm taking SJ Regional train from Hallsberg to Arboga

This time of the year, every sunny day is a lottery win

From Arboga to Eskilstuna I will be taking this ER1 train

The second freight train I see today is this 79128 to Varberg
Rd2 1114

Passing by Folkesta terminal
X12 3194

Greenlight for train 78558 to Dynäs
The train is on the route from Emmaboda to Dynäs
There has been a total delivery of five Railpool Traxx AC3 locomotives during 2017. One is used here in Sweden by CFL Cargo, while the remaining four by Green Cargo in Norway. Since December 2020, there is an additional Traxx AC3 for CargoNet in Norway
Since this is the only Traxx AC3 operated in Sweden, it is not often there is a chance to see it

The transport if for the Mondi Dynäs paper industry
Time to visit Eskilstuna before the next train arrives

They seems to not like bicycles here in Eskilstuna

Train 9130 to Borlänge
Re 1432

ER1 at Flemingsberg

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