Saturday, November 21, 2020

Älvsbyn, Jörn

Almost 5 months later I'm repeating my journey to the north, I will be taking the night train to Älvsbyn, then visiting Jörn. 
Christmas decorations at the central station in Stockholm

Rc6 1339
It's not a long time left for the SJ as the operator on the route to the north, from the middle of December the Norwegian Vy will take over the lines to Luleå and Narvik. 
So, I have to use my SJ bonus point for the trip on a night train
I'm taking train 94 which is the first departing in the evening, the other one is departing in a few hours later.
Free toothbrush on the train

I'm waking up when the train is not far from Älvsbyn, the road is blocked ahead by train 9102. 
From my window, I can spot a moose that is trying to climb over the fence.
Train 9102 from Luleå to Borlänge was stuck in an uphill and needed help from a rescue locomotive.
One Rc4 and two Mb locomotives could manage to bring the heavy train up at the end and the road was open.

2,5 hours delayed, the train is finally continuing to Älvsbyn

Train 41919 is waiting in Älvsbyn


Train 41905

NRE (North Rail Express) train 4005

Rc4 1142 and 1256

No snow here in Älvsbyn, but somewhere it's already snowing
Norrtåg 7115 on the route Luleå-Umeå, here with former Upptåget X52 9033
I'm taking this train to Jörn
RRS train 42402, 140 minutes delayed is passing by Älvsbyn
At Jörn station it is snowing
I'm the only one leaving the train here in Jörn 

NRE train has reached Jörn 

Train 9102 - the one that caused my delay at Älvsbyn, here without rescue Rc4 locomotive and 318 minutes delayed

CargoNet train 43156
El16 2213

Abandonded bed and breakfast

RRS train 42502
Rc4 1197

To the left is train 4371 to Skelleftehamn
Rd2 1028 and Rc4 1167

CargoNet 41902
185 700

Train 78314 to Piteå

Train 41682 
At 14:30 it's almost dark

I'm taking the train to Boden
The small coffee corner was built in the X52 of Upptåget
Here in Boden, I'm eating my dinner at Suzie Q's Burgers & Beers located at the station building

SJ train 95 to Luleå has arrived at Boden
Rc6 1405

Night train 91 to Stockholm and coaches to Göteborg


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