Saturday, October 10, 2020

Västra Ingelstad, Svågertorp, Burlöv, Persborg, Örtofta

Today I'm traveling to Skåne, to watch some international freight trains.
Leaving Stockholm in the evening with Snälltåget
Next year, Snälltåget will operate a night train all the way from Stockholm to Berlin through Denmark
On the following day, I'm starting by visiting Västra Ingelstad station
Pågatåg on the way to Trelleborg
The first freight today is 6229 from Malmö to Trelleborg
Rd2 1116

DB Cargo Scandinavia train 36883 from Malmö to Maschen
EG 3101

Train 44720 from Maschen to Malmö

EG 3106

Rd2 1116 is returning from Trelleborg to Malmö as train 6229

I'm visiting Burlöv station, it is hard to recognize the station since my last visit
Train 5100 to Hallsberg has just left Malmö

Rc4 1265

Train 17073 to Malmö
185 403
X2 from Malmö to Göteborg
I can spot some blue sky after the grey morning
I'm back at Svågertorp, here is train 36839 to Maschen
It is EG 3106 that I saw in the morning, now it is returning back to Germany

A coffee and a train ticket
Lönngatan, Malmö

Train 45517 at Persborg
Rc4 1252 and 1272
Train 42728 from Wanne
185 330

Train 17093
EG 3112

Train 42711 Falköping to Krefeld Uerdingen

241 001 "Kenobi"

Train 36752 to Älmhult
185 321
Svågertorp again

Train 42704 to Gamlarp

241 006 "Calrissian"

Train 36847
185 403 I saw earlier at Burlöv

Fixemer / LKW Walter train is back from Malmö

Last but not least - a visit at Örtofta station north of Lund


Train 44983 

185 402

From Örtofta I'm taking the train to Hässleholm
RRS train 42025
Rd2 1081

Train 9789 to Karlshamn

Rc4 1274

I'm returning back at my hotel, which is this time at Hyllie
I was hoping to visit Denmark this time, but the border was closed just the day before. Öresundståg trains are still running, but only for those who have a valid reason


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