Saturday, October 3, 2020

Laxå, Mariedamm, Eskilstuna

I'm on my regular tour around Närke and Södermanland. 
RRS train 42059 is passing through Laxå
Rd2 1119

Abandoned house near Joxtorp

Train 44983 has just left Hallsberg
185 336


TiB train near Runsala

Krösatåg Y31 on the way to the maintenance facility in Hallsberg
Y31 1405 at Mariedamm

RRS train 42025
Rc4 1143

I'm on my way from Mariedamm to Eskilstuna taking small roads, here is a church school in Bo near Hjortkvarn

I'm here to spot a TX Logistics train that will leave Eskilstuna shortly
Some police activity at the station, the traffic was interrupted for a while
185 679 will be hauling the train I'm waiting for
Train 9133 from Borlänge to Oxelösund

Here it is, train 44107

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