Thursday, August 6, 2020

Laxå, Svartå

I'm back in Sweden, and today I'm spending this sunny day in Laxå.
As usual, the line between Göteborg and Stockholm is busy with different types of trains
X74 to Göteborg
Y31 from Mariestad to Hallsberg

X2 train switching to Värmlandsbanan

Tåg i Berglsagen line from Gävle to Laxå and back

Hector rail train 40907 from Hallsberg to Malmö is taking this route today due to the railway works at the Hallsberg-Mjölby line
441 001, Eurosprinter
Two ES64F4 type locomotives, that were originally built for SBB Cargo, but refused by the Swiss operator when Siemens could not meet the delivery deadline. Both engines were officially sold to HectorRail on 25.03.2006. (Railcolor)

Bus 705 to Hallsberg

Infranord train 34468
Rc3 1063 from Tågab

IMV200 is measuring railway tracks
X40 SJ Regional train is taking a sidetrack to stop for a faster train 

CFL Cargo train 49501 from Insjön to Göteborg Skandiahamnen

185 686, Traxx F140 AC2

Green Cargo train 15662 from Grums to Hallsberg at Svartå

Rc4 1284

Cargonet train 41914 from Oslo to Narvik

El 16 2202


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