Saturday, August 15, 2020

Alvesta, Killeberg, Hallsberg

Summer is not over yet, and I am continuing with my trips. Alvesta is a place which I found nice to visit, so I'm heading there.
Taking a commuter train directly after my work on Friday afternoon
This time I'm traveling to Södertälje Hamn station - which is the direct line from Märsta/Uppsala to Södertälje for SL commuter train.
Södertälje Hamn was once an important station for local and long-distance trains
X60 train to Gnesta
Due to railway works in central Stockholm, all long-distance trains are terminating at either Stockholm Södra or Flemingsberg. Snälltåget has decided to use Södertälje Hamn as the terminus station for Stockholm.
Here is the Snälltåget train arriving from Tumba where it is switching the direction of the locomotive - not sure why it could not be done here in Södertälje.

193 255, Vectron AC from ELL/Transdev
Snälltåget has decided to sell only window seats so that the minimum allowed distance between passengers can be maintained.
Södertälje Syd station has replaced Södertälje Hamn station for regional and long-distance trains since its opening in 1995

I'm visiting the dining car 
Snälltåget has implemented an online table booking service, which is very convenient, and Corona safe
Warm food is served on real plate and cutlery instead of paper/plastic

Arriving at Alvesta
Coop train is waiting here on a side track

A mixture of new and old cars on this Snälltåget train

Train 14062 from Malmö to Hallsberg
Rd2 1079

Train 44217 is ready to go
Part of the Coop train stays here in Alvesta and will be transported further with this TMZ 1404
Train 5614 is approaching Alvesta from the north

Rc4 1190

Plenty of birds here in Alvesta

Another Coop train is stopping here in Alvesta
185 675, Traxx F140 AC2 from Railpool/TXL

The next morning I'm waking up early to spot a train from Hector rail. The hotel I'm staying at is located next to the station

Train 42700 to Katrineholm

241 004 "R2D2" Traxx F140 AC2 from Hector Rail

The label says "S, DK, D" meaning that the locomotive is used on the route Sweden, Denmark, Germany


Train 45517 from Borlänge to Trelleborg
Rd2 1089 and 1033

From Alvesta, I'm taking the Öresundståg train to Älmhult

Then, Krösatåg from Älmhult to Killeberg
Not many passengers now in the Corona times

Killeberg must be one of the smallest stations for this Krösatåg line
Killeberg station closed in 1971 and re-opened again in 2013.
Train 5886 from Helsingborg to Hallsberg
Rc4 1252

Messages from the locals

Art at the station

I'm now visiting the town of Killeberg 

Train 9457 from Göteborg to Älmhult
Rd2 1083


X11 3110

Train 41011 Falköping-Malmö
241 002 "Skywalker"

Train 5232 Helsingborg-Älmhult

Td 407 and 384

Train 80029 Hagalund-Malmö
Rc6 1393 with the night train cars
A mixture of BC2DE, WL1, and WL4
The train has no passengers as it is heading directly from Hagalund depot

I'm back at Alvesta

Train 44983 from Hallsberg to Trelleborg, here with 185 328

The train is transporting goods from Lidl store between Germany and Sweden

Shortly after, it is time for another DB Cargo train

Train 62197 from Rosersberg to Malmö is delayed by almost 2 hours
185 327

Train 41074 with 441 001 "Cyborg" Eurosprinter

From Alvesta I'm heading first to Mjölby

Then to Hallsberg

Between Hallsberg and Laxå, I will be taking this Y31 1301 "Kustpilen" which is a stand-in for the ordinary Västtåg Y31

Train 45943 from Frövi to Kil
Rc4 1314 and 1271

Värmlandsbanan is closed due to railway works

The next morning, the same Y31 train in Laxå


Train 5907 Ånge-Hallsberg

Rc4 1313 and 1315


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