Saturday, April 11, 2020


Today I'm passing by Katrineholm and have a chance to spot both passengers and freight trains.
 SJ Regional train from Linköping to Sala, operated with X50

 For the same route, in the reverse direction, SJ is using here X40 double deck EMU. Usually, this type of train is not operated on this line
 The old post house in Katrineholm

 Train 40764 from Borlänge to Kimstad is passing by
 243 115 Vectron AC from Hectorrail
 T66 402 from Beacon Rail.

 T66 402 has still Rush Rail livery despite that the company went bankrupt in 2016
 From Kimstad the train will continue to Skärblacka BillerudKorsnäs paper industry on the short non-electrified rail stretch

 Train 9557 from Vekerum to Nykvarn

 Rc4 1147
 Rc4 1253

 The train is transporting biofuel to Nykvarn, which is later used at the Igelstaverket power plant in Södertälje.

 X40 SJ Intercity train to Linköping
 Train 42700 from Duisburg, Germany to Katrineholm
 This train is a cooperation between Hectorrail and Samskip Van Dieren Multimodal
 For this service, Hectorrail is using Traxx F140 AC2 locomotives which can travel through Denmark and Germany
 241 010 "Yoda"

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