Friday, February 7, 2020

Töreboda, Laxå

Today I'm visiting Töreboda
 The day starts with heavy fog and chilly weather
 I'm near Gårdsjö

 Rc4 1266

 Vitebärn lake

 Near Älgarås
 X74 and X40


 The station was reconstructed in 1998

 Göta kanal in the winter

 X40 train is taking off to the side track

 X40000 project promoting the train instead of flight on the route Göteborg-Stockholm.

 X40 has to wait for the high-speed trains to pass

 Finally, the sun is breaking through the fog

 Train 48862 from Falköping to Kristinehamn
 Rc2 1052

 Train 9050 from Göteborg Skandiahamnen to Borlänge

 Rd2 1096


 Train 6692 from Mariestad to Hallsberg

 T44 0344

 Train 49520 from Göteborg Skandiahamnen to Avesta Krylbo
 The train is operated by CFL Cargo
 Rc4 1137

 I'm now located close to Finnerödja

 Train 69692 from Folkesta to Göteborg Skandiahamnen
 The train is operated by Tågfrakt AB
 Rc4 1146

 Train 49520

 Train 3334 Herrljunga-Örebro
 Y31 1417
 Train 105 Stockholm-Göteborg
 Among plenty of daily X40, X2, and X74 trains on the route Stockholm-Göteborg, there is now one daily SJ Intercity with classic locomotive and cars
 Rc6 1347

 X2 in Laxå

 "Tåg i Bergslagen" train terminating here in Laxå

 As a bonus, on the following day, I've visited the annual international cat show in Örebro

 A coffee and a cake at the castle cafe in Örebro

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