Thursday, February 6, 2020

Lerot, Åmotfors, Magnor

Today I'm exploring Värmlandsbanan until the border with Norway and some part of the Kongsvingerbanen on the Norwegian side.
 My first stop is at Ottebol
 Ottebol was operated until 2016 together with some other small stations along the line
 Regional train from Värmlandstrafiken is still operating the line, but with fewer stops
 There is a rumour that this and some other stations might be served again soon.
 X52 9083


 The whole line between Oslo and Stockholm was completed in 1871



 Another station that is not used anymore is Lerot

 Ås station

 The last station on the Swedish side of the line is Charlottenberg

 Some km north of Charlottenberg is the border between Sweden and Norway. The place is called Morokulien.
 "In 1910 the Nordic Peace Congress in Stockholm decided that a peace monument should be raised on the border between Sweden and Norway to celebrate 100 years of peace between the countries. The building of the peace monument was finished in 1914." (Wikipedia)


 After passing the border (this was before the Corona time), I'm in the town of Magnor. Even before the restrictions, I got stopped at the border by the Norwegian police and had to answer questions about the purpose of my visit.
 In Norway, most wooden stations are still there which I find very pleasant.

 Skotterud has also a station building

 Train 48711 from Kristinehamn to Sørli
 Rc2 001 from Tågab

 MZ 1448 from Baneservice

 I'm back at Magnor

 SJ Intercity from Stockholm to Oslo

 Rc6 1414

 Train 41605 from Karlstad to Kongsvinger
 243 105 Vectron from Hectorrail

 Train 45941 from Göteborg Sävenäs

 Rc4 1256

 Train 41607 from Grums
 243 001 Vectron

 Fagerås station near Kil

 At Skattkärr I can spot X52 9083 I saw earlier today

 Tågab train 7054 to Stockholm

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