Saturday, December 14, 2019

Motala, Skänninge, Boxholm, Vikingstad

Today I'm taking a round trip through Närke and Östergötland.
The first train is Tågab from Stockholm to Hallsberg.
Tågab is a private railway company based in Kristinehamn, Värmland. The company has gradually expanded from operating the line Göteborg-Karlstad-Falun to other lines that now include Stockholm and Alvesta.
Rc3 1049
It is today one of two companies operating with old SJ cars from the '60s.
This morning train has few passengers in 1st class
Leaving Stockholm

AB3 car has a mixed compartment and open seating part,


From Hallsberg I'm taking "Tåg i Bergslagen" train to Motala.
X51 9011 in Motala


Local buses at Motala

Bridge over Göta Kanal

The old railway bridge from the narrow gauge railway MÖJ (Mellersta Östergötlands Järnvägar)

The first radio tower in Sweden is located here in Motala

Motala Central
Apparently, my travel card for Östgötatrafiken was not valid anymore. The new card will come later in 2020, but the conductor does not recommend to use the card anymore, instead an app shall be used for purchasing tickets.



Train 19558 Karlshamn-Eskilstuna

Rc4 1311
Rd2 1033

My next train will take me to Boxholm

X2 train with "Heja Sverige" livery


Preparing the Christmas tree

Boxholm station

Boxholm church

Svartån river. There are totally 13 rivers in Sweden with this name, so it's easy to get confused.

Snälltåget passing by

Another one

Mjölby again

Vikingstad station is one of the so-called Boxholm model - a station identical to the one in Boxholm.

X50 9004 for the SJ Regional line Linköping-Sala

I've arrived at Eskilstuna and here I can spot the new double-deck ER1 train
ER1 will be used in first place for the Stockholm-Eskilstuna-Arboga route starting from December 15, 2019. Today is December 14th, so I'm one day early.
This train has been on a test ride,

From Eskilstuna, I'm taking SJ Regional to Flemingsberg, probably for the last time with the locomotive hauled coach train on this route.
Rc6 1372

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