Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Milan, Barcelona

Last day of the year, I'm waking up on a night train from Salerno to Torino. 
 In Deluxe, a small breakfast is included - espresso and a croissant.

It's a beautiful and cold morning in Italy

I can already see the Alps

Arriving at Torino Porta Susa station
My plan was to take the TGV from Porta Susa to France and then continue with two other trains to Barcelona in Spain. Unfortunately, I had to change my plan as there was a strike in France. I could not find any other option than to take a place from Milan to Barcelona.

Since I had to use only the day of the departure in the Interrail diary for my night train, I saved today's Interrail travel day for another time and decided to use single tickets for my trip to Milan. NTV Italo is not included in the Interrail, so I'm traveling by this train from Turin to Milan.

It is the AGV train

It was very easy to purchase the ticket in the app, and I could choose a seat from a seat map
Complimentary drink and snack

Traveling on high-speed line Turin-Milan
In the Club Executive class, there is a screen with movies and music
I have not seen this option in any other train so far, just on planes

Arriving at Milano Centrale

Lunch at Bistrot Milano Centrale

ECE to Frankfurt

I'm taking the Malpensa express train to the airport in Milan. This train is actually not included in the Interrail so I would not be able to take it with my Interrail.
EA 720 is the train type used for this line, which is an Alstom Coradia

It is claimed that this train has only 1st class

Malpensa Terminal 2 station

At Terminal 2 there seems to be only one airline operating

I have not been flying for a while, so it feels strange to do it now.

Not as much space as in a train

Hello Barcelona

If I would take the train, I would still be somewhere in France.
From Barcelona Terminal 2 I'm taking a train to Barcelona
Another airport train, this time Alstom Civia

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