Friday, November 1, 2019

Dyltabruk, Vanneboda, Nävekärret, Rosshyttan

While the Thursday was warm and sunny, both Friday and Saturday turned to be cold and foggy.
There is something mysterious about the fog

Train 621 Stockholm-Karlstad at Värmlandsrailway between Degerfors and Laxå

Train 602 Karlstad-Stockholm
Rc6 1387
R4 restaurant coach

Tågab freight train heading to Vallvik

Rc2 002
TMY 103

From Värmlandsbanan I'm heading to "Godsstråket genom Bergslagen" near Avdala
RRS train to Helsingborg

Same Tågab train I saw earlier near Svartå

At Ervalla it's hard to see what train it is
X51 9015

X54 9068

X51 9007

Rc4 1137

Hector rail train to Hallsberg
441 002-5 "Croft" Eurosprinter

IFAB maintenance vehicle
Dyltabruk station

Another Tågab freight train
Rc2 007


Train 9133 coming out from the fog
Br 5332 Traxx

Not much left of the former station here

Train 9130 at Vanneboda
Rc4 1315

Finally, SJ Intercity 603 near Laxå


Train 64828 Göteborg Skandiahamnen to Folkesta
Rc4 1170

X40 SJ Regional
Another one


Tåg i Bergslagen train 8243 from Örebro terminating here at Laxå

The train will continue as 8106 to Gävle

X54 9006

Bus activity here in Laxå, something that can be seen only on weekdays and during the rush hour

Train 49123 from Herrljunga
Rc2 003 from Svensk Tågkraft AB

On the following day, I did not see any trains, but I did visit some stations
Here is Nävekärret

This is what's left of the station





At Rosshyttan there is a construction of a second track
The new track will make it possible for long freight trains to access the station from both directions simultaneously.
Former station of Rosshyttan

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