Saturday, June 16, 2018

Ballingslöv, Moheda, Alvesta

Today I'm travelling to north of Skåne and Kronoberg.
 Morning at Stockholm C. Snälltåget to Malmö
 SJ Snabbtåg to Göteborg
 To the left is my train to Malmö
 Passing by a very delayed freight train from Katrineholm to Germany in Norrköping. I will later see it in Alvesta.
 Ra 988 locomotive from STAB (Svensk Tågkraft AB)

 I have arrived to Älmhult, where I will change to a local train
 X2 continues to Malmö
 X31 Öresundståg to Kalmar

 I'm buying my next ticket in this machine
 This machine is accepting all possible cards from southern Sweden public transport companies
 Älmhult station

 X11 Krösatåg in service Växjö-Hässleholm

 Ballingslöv station. It was re-opened in 2013 together with the other stations along the line Hässleholm-Alvesta.

 Snälltåget I saw earlier in the morning in Stockholm is now passing by Ballingslöv.
 Vectron locomotive from Snälltåget
 Bmpz coach

 Ballingslöv has one of the largest manufacturer of kitchen and bathroom furnitures in Sweden
 The traffic is busy today at Southern Main Line

 Train 4240 from Malmö to Rosersberg
 Rd2 1128
 The train is transporting freight from Lübeck for Lidl retail among others
 Not many bicycles parked here at the station
 Ballingslöv town

 Same train returning back from Hässleholm


 Now it gets really busy here in Alvesta, I see X2 train leaving Alvesta while an X31 is arriving

 Also, the delayed train 42701 which I saw earlier in Norrköping

 This line is a cooperation between Hector Rail and Samskip for transportation between Katrineholm and Duisburg
 Hector Rail 241.011 "C-3PO" is a Bombardier Traxx F140 AC2 locomotive supporting operations in Sweden, Denmark and Germany

 Train 16158

 Rc4 1176

 Alvesta station
 It seemed that there was a problem with a railway switch

 My next train is an X14 to Moheda
 The station here was closed in 1976 but re-opened in 2013 for this Krösatåg service between Växjö and Jönköping.
 Train 4300
 Rd2 1115

 Moheda old station building was replaced in the 50's with this one
 Train 5611
 Rc4 1272

 Moheda town

 Old firestation
 Bridge from 1994

 Train 41025
 Hector Rail 243.115, Siemens Vectron AC DPM

 X11 3187 Krösatåg will take me back to Alvesta
 Train 42023 "Real Rail" from Nässjö to Helsingborg
 "Real Rail" company is transporting freights from Umeå/Luleå to south of Sweden, Green Cargo is the operator
 Rc4 1288

 X2 from Stockholm and SJ Regional train from Kalmar to Göteborg
 Rc6 1347
In Alvesta the trains from Kust to kust (Coast to coast) railway have to cross the Södra stambanan (Southern Main Line) railway.

 Öresundståg to Kalmar is waiting for the track to be clear
 Train 41025 I saw earlier in Moheda is waiting for X2 train to leave Alvesta

 Today I saw unusually many freight trains, 7 to be exact.

 I'm now waiting for my delayed Snälltåget back to Stockholm

 Here it is, arriving almost 1h later than scheduled

 Snälltåget bought these Bmpz coaches, which were originally built in the 70´s for German DB (Bm235), but were later used by Dutch NS. They were renovated in 2017 by Atelierele Griviţa in Romania (Information from Järnvä
 Inside one of the coaches

 Snälltåget has a restaurant coach, but on this service, there was only one beer sort left to choose

 One of the advantage with the "new" Bmpz coaches for Snälltåget, is that the service can now increase its speed from 160 to 200km/h on certain parts of the route. It was reaching 201km/h here between Mjölby and Linköping.


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