Saturday, June 9, 2018

Ånge, Sundsvall

Today I'm spending my Saturday by taking a train to Ånge and back through Sundsvall.
 I'm taking the morning Intercity train from Stockholm. I will be taking totally 5 trains today, so it will be a long day.
 Passing by Hagalund railway yard
 Intercity 80 is a daily service from Stockholm to Jämtland. The usual destination is Östersund, but in the summer/winter months it is extended to Åre and Duved.
 Leaving Uppsala

 Intercity is taking the North Main Line from Gävle north bound. The railway was completed in 1881.

 Rooster steel sculpture by Jörg Jeschke

 Travelling through Hälsingland region

 Meeting a train at a passing loop on Karsjö
 X52 from Ljusdal to Gävle
 At Lörstrand it is our train that stops
 It is a Green Cargo steel train from Luleå to Borlänge
 Re 1436 (Bombardier Traxx F140 AC2)
 Steel products

 Bridge over Ljusnan river, built in 2005 which replaced an older bridge
 Between Ljusdal and Ånge, a trip of about 1h, the Intercity does not make any stops. This is the only train service here, no regional trains are operating this part of the line.


 Storsjön near Hennan
 Hennan lake
 For about 20km, the railway is located next to this long Hennan lake, which makes this railway trip scenic.

 Hälsinge-Nybo is one of the few station building still in place along this line
 Between Ramsjö and Ånge, the railway has double tracks
 It's also on this part of the line the railway is reaching its highest point, 330m above sea level


 Just before Ånge, the railway is split. The railway to the left is continuing further north without passing Ånge.
 I have now been travelling 444km from Stockholm to Ånge
 Ånge station is an importation railway town for freight trains

 After a longer stop, the train is continuing to Östersund

 The composition of today's Intercity train was Rc6, B7F, B7F, RB7, B7C, and A11

 Wheels from Cc 734 steam locomotive
 Trafikverket is increasing the capacity at the railway yard in Ånge
 Local restaurant

 I will now continue along Mittbanan railway with Norrtåg to Sundsvall. It is 1 min delayed


 Borgsjön lake



 I've now reached Sundsvall
 Sundsvall has two stations, the central and the west. Västra station is located just 500m from the central one. It was built in 1885, and was used as a station until 1966.
 The station is used by Norrtåg, and X-tåget.
 Another X62 is arriving, this time from Umeå

 X55 is arriving from Umeå, this service is not stopping here

 I have some time before my next train, so I'm visiting Sundsvall. Here is the old fire station.
 Hedbergska school
 Between Sundsvall Västra and Central, a distance of 500m there are 7 railway crossings in the central part of Sundsvall. There has been plans to built a railway tunnel here, but it was too expensive.

 City hall

 Stora torget
 Statue of Gustav II Adolf, who founded Sundsvall in 1621

 Vängåvan park

 X-tåget service Sundsvall-Gävle will be my next train, it terminates here at Sundsvall Västra

 X62 and X50
 Sundsvall Central
 Shortly after Sundsvall, the train is passing next to the Gulf of Bothnia

 I'm travelling now on Ostkustbanan railway. 220km railway part between Sundsvall and Gävle is a single track railway and has many curves. Except for some short parts rebuilt in the 1990's to have 200km/h standard, the rest is old and in need of modernisation.
 Crossing the border between Hälsingland and Gästrikland
 After a short change I'm in a packed Upptåg on the way from Gävle to Uppsala. Hopefully the new double deck trains will solve this problem in the future for passengers travelling on this line.

 Hennan station is now located in Gävle railway museum

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