Thursday, March 1, 2018

Olten, Baden-Baden, Rastatt

The reason I stayed the night in Neuchâtel was to take trains to France next morning, a regional train to Frasne, then to Dole and then to Besancon from where I would take a TGV to Frankfurt. But when I saw the weather outside in the morning, I decided to change my plans.
I already woke up to snowy weather conditions in Rome, so my experience told me that it would be safer to taker a route with frequent rail traffic and in this case avoid south east of France.
Railway transport is famous to work as Swiss watch here in Switzerland, but not when there is a snow storm outside. "Retard indetermine" was the message for most trains from Neuchâtel this morning.

Finally I found one train that was about to leave, it was a BLS Regional service to Bern.

After changing to another train in Bern
Travelling on same bridge as the day before, but with much more snow
I'm taking a Regional SBB service to Olten. Here passing under the high speed railway bridge

Taking a car would not be better in this weather
Inside SBB RABe 511, Stadler Kiss "Dosto"

Olten is one of the busiest stations in Switzerland

From Wikipedia: "Léman 2030 is a Swiss project aiming to significantly improve rail service in the Lake Geneva region, mainly between Lausanne and Geneva"
Overcrowded train
Intercity trains are passing through Olten without stopping
ICN tilting train

Olten station

My next train is a Regional service to Basel. I have interrail pass, and in Switzerland there is no seat reservation requirement. On a day like this nobody was checking tickets.

Arriving to Basel
From Basel SBB, I'm taking this S-Bahn train to Basel Bad Hbf.
1st class even on S-Bahn

Basel Bad is located in Switzerland, but it is operated as part of the German railway network

German information boards on the platform

DB Class 641 or Alstom Coradia A TER diesel cars

Re486 Traxx F140 MS
DB Class 145, or Adtranz Traxx F140 AC
Rhine Valley Railway is part of the important Rhine-Alpine TEN-T freight corridor

I'm now taking an ICE train from Basel Bad to Offenburg

It looks promising as there is no snow in Germany, yet


SBB Re482, Traxx F140 AC1 with SBB ChemOil Logistics AG livery

SWEG Stadler Regio-Shuttle RS1
Another Re482

Offenburg station

I'm taking RE train to Baden Baden

Baden Baden station

SNCF Class BB 37000, Alstom "Prima"

Baden Baden station is also served by train tram line
Traxx F140 from Railtraxx

There is a bus service from the station to the city centre

Festspielhaus Baden-Baden
Oos river
Baden Baden is a famous spa town


Kurhaus Baden-Baden
Stiftskirche Baden-Baden

After a short visit to town, I'm back to the station

My next train will take me to Rastatt
Passing by Rastatt tunnel, which colapsed last year, and led to the closure of the Rhine Valley Railway for more than a month. The new line was meant to be open in 2022, but due to the accessident it will be postponed to 2024.
Rastatt station

The reason for the new tunnel is this bottleneck. All types of trains are passing through here.

Intercity train with SBB coaches

An older man with a dog was chatting with me for a while, he could not understand why I was taking the pictures, for him all trains looked the same.
ET2010, Bombardier Flexity Swift
Traxx F140 MS

The locomotive is from Railpool, hired to RTB Cargo

ES 64 F4 Eurosprinter

Traxx F140 AC3
Traxx F140 AC2 from MRCE Dispolok

TGV 2N2 "Euroduplex"

DB Class 290
After a short ride I'm in Karlsruhe
In Karlsruhe I see the train I was supposed to take from Besanson, more than 1h delayed

TGV train terminates at Mannheim instead of Frankfurt, so I have to take a last train to reach my destination
ICE3 trains, Class 407 (to the left) and Class 403 (to the right)
Stadler Flirt train for Süwex

DB Class 622, Alstom Coradia LINT 54
Finally I'm on my way to Frankfurt

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