Saturday, March 10, 2018

Nybro, Trekanten, Kalmar

I'm back to Stockholm after my Interrail trip to Italy, Switzerland and Germany. Today I will travel to Kalmar with some stops on my way.
On my way from my home I pass by this art installation "Ovanlandet och Hararnas hus" by Annika Oscarsson.

Årstaberg station on a grey day
I'm leaving Stockholm with X2 train

After some hours I arrive to Alvesta

From Alvesta I travel on Kust till kust banan railway with Öresundståg

X11 3173 from Transitio


X11 3134 at Emmaboda

Middle coach of Öresundståg with space for bicycles and strollers
Hotel amigo in Emmaboda
Örsjö church
I've arrived to Nybro
It has been unusually cold winter with huge amounts of snow, also here in Småland
Nybro station was once a junction point for Kalmar Railway (Emmaboda-Kalmar) and Nybro-Sävsjöströms railway (NSJ). Today there is only one railway, NSJ was dismounted in 1989.

From Wikipedia: "Nybro calls itself "The city within the Kingdom of Crystal", the latter being a region with 15 active glassworks including Kosta, Boda and Orrefors."

Old brewery

The station has a waiting hall and a cafe
My next train is this Krösatåg X11 3136 "Vicke Viking"

My next stop is Trekanten. Station closed in 1968 and re-opened in 2015.

Until recently the station building was up for sale, not sure if someone bought it.

SJ Regional train from Göteborg to Kalmar

Trekanten church

From Trekanten I'm taking a bus to kalmar
Wheel monument commemorating 100 year of Kalmar railway (1874-1974)

Kalmar castle

Kalmar Cathedral

X11, X31 and B7

Y31 from Linköping

New train depot opened in 2016 in Kalmar. Y2 and Y31 trains will be served here.

I'm back to Alvesta for a change of trains

Entertaining myself on the way home

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