Saturday, February 17, 2018

Tranås, Jönköping

Today I'm travelling with 6 different trains around Vättern lake. I will reach Jönköping from the east side of Vätten, then coming back to Stockholm through west side of Vättern.
 Årstaberg station on a Saturday morning
 X60 train at Årstaberg

 SJ Regional train

 Having a coffee at the station while waiting for my train
 I will take train 261 at 8:46, it's on time

 Central station in Stockholm
 SJ Regional with Rc6 locomotive and MTR Express X74

 My first train is X40 to Linköpin


 Ski resort near Norrköping
 X40 at Linköping
 My next train is Östgötapendeln to Mjölby


 Next is another Östgötatrafik train to Tranås
 Border between Småland and Östergötland near Sommen

 X14 3236 Krösatåg

 Another Snälltåg
 Vectron locomotive

 Street art in Tranås

 Rc4P 1193

 Herman Norrman statue
 My next train is this Krösatåg service to Nässjö


 Nässjö rail yard

 X11 3175 to Jönköping
 I get off in Huskvarna which is a nearby town to Jönköping

 A cat in Huskvarna
 Waiting for someone to open the door
 Bridge over Huskvarna river

 From Huskvarna I'm taking a local bus to Jönköping
 After getting off from the bus I spot this Rc4 1158 from Nordic Re-finance

 Local bus in Jönköping
 Vättern lake
 Last time I visited this place it was warm and sunny

 Jönköping central station
 X53 3266

 During my trip from Jönköping to Skövde, it was necessary to switch trains at Sandhem. The reason was told to be that one of the train had to taken out of service

 Passengers were changing trains rather quick



 "Livets brunn" sculpture/fountain in Skövde
 Teddybears family
 Last train for today from Skövde to Stockholm

A warm meal from Kalf & Hansen purchased in SJ Bistro

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