Saturday, January 20, 2018

Köping, Skinnskatteberg

I'm back to Sweden, and today I'm making a daytrip to Västmanland region, I will visit Köping and Skinnskatteberg.
 Track 16, previously used by SL commuter trains (pendeltåg), now being used by regional trains. The platform for SL trains is higher than for all other trains.
 Passing by lake Mälaren


 Traxx locomotive outside Västerås

 After some sunny weather during my trip to Köping, it is now grey and cloudy for the rest of the day
 Köping station

 From Wikipedia: "In the 19th century Köping established itself as an industrial city, with a large mechanical workshop and a prosperous harbor. A fire in 1889 destroyed large parts of Köping, whereafter it was rebuilt using stone material under supervision of architect Theodor Dahl.
In the 20th century all kinds of companies have established themselves in Köping. Volvo built a large industry there in the 1920s; the arguably most known bed manufacturer in Sweden, Hästens, in 1924; and a number of gold groceries between 1940-1960."
 Metodist church built in 1892
 Köping mechanical warehouse

 Water tower
 Automotive and technological museum

 Town hall

 Köping church
 Carl Wilhelm Scheele - 18th century Chemist who discovered the functions of oxygen was living in Köping.

 X40 trains as operating the line passing through Köping
 Since December 2017 there are services once per hour here also on Saturdays

 From Köping I'm taking bus 550 to Skinnskatteberg


 Skinnskatteberg is a much smaller town than Köping
 There is a railway here too, Godsstråket genom Bergslagen. Only one train for the rest of this Saturday, and that's the one I will take.
 Station is designed by Folke Zettervall

 There is much more snow here than in Köping
 The railway here is used primarily for freight trains

 Rd2 1135
 Rc4 1290 - today the only locomotive painted in the original orange livery

 Rd2 1094 and 1086

 Freight train from Norrland to Skåne

 Local government house
 Skinnskatteberg mansion

 Skinnskatteberg church, built in 1865
 Unclear why the olympic information center is located here..
 Tågab Rc2 007

 Passenger train operated by Tåg i Bergslagen is arriving
 This is the service between Örebro and Gävle through Fagersta and Avesta Krylbo
 X52 9039 and X51 9022
 A train wating at the passing loop in Dagarn


 Avesta Krylbo
 The train continues to Gävle
 Rc4 1144 from Nordic Re-Finance

 X55 Intercity train is arriving from Falun

 This will be my train back to Stockholm

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