Monday, December 25, 2017

Laxå to Høje Taastrup

I'm back home after a 12 days long journey by train from Sweden to Portugal. I will travel through Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, and Spain.
My journey starts after spending Christmas holidays in Närke, just like last year. Back then I was travelling from Degerfors, this time it will be from Laxå. Before my trip starts, I'm spotting some trains near Svartå, at Värmlandsbanan. Here is an Rd2 from Hallsberg to Grums.

 A ruin of platelayers house (Banvaktstuga) at Noländan

 X2 Stockholm-Karlstad

 Christmas day at Laxå

 X2 passing by
 X40 train takes me from Laxå to Falköping

 Falköping and nearby railway hotel
 X50 Västtåg
 X74 and X40

 Since the Christmas day was a Monday this year, many people decided to travel back home already on the 25th, all trains I was taking this day were full booked.
 Some passengers refused to get onboard


 My next train is an X52 to Nässjö.
 This was a 2 coach Regina train, and it was packed with passengers.

 X52 at Nässjö

 Rapid locomotive at Nässjö railway museum
 My next train is an X2 from Stockholm to Copenhagen. Arriving a little bit late.

 Most of the passengers got off in Alvesta, Hässleholm and Lund. From Lund the trains was much emptier.
 Öresund bridge
 Platform 26 is still used in Copenhagen.
 IC4 train will be my next train to Høje Taastrup station, where I will stay at the hotel.

 I decided that this year I will try to only travel by train while it is daylight, which does not give me much time each day. On the other hand, I am travelling south, so each day I get about 30 min more of daylight.
 Høje Taastrup station outside Copenhagen

 My hotel
 During the evening I'm taking a train to Copenhagen to visit the town.
 Double deck train, just like the ones used in Germany,

 Østerport station
 Most famous sight in Copenhagen


 Model railway at Copenhagen central station

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