Saturday, December 2, 2017

Katrineholm, Norrköping

It's winter and day is very short. Today I'm doing a very short trip to Katrineholm and Norrköping.
 I'm starting at home in Årstaberg.
 New bridge for long distance and regional trains

 SJ Regional to Katrineholm


 X40 to Linköping do not stop here in Katrineholm
 Gröna tåget
 Not stopping here either

 Siemens Taurus


 The old roundhouse is now a cultural centre with a nearby skateboard park

 Blå tåget from Göteborg to Stockholm

 Blå tåget is waiting here at Katrineholm and letting MTR Express pass


 Siemens Vectron

 August Kullberg founder of Kullberg&Co in Katrineholm. He had a great importance for the development of the town


 X50 to Norrköping

 Arriving to Norrköping

 Johannisborg castle in Norrköping

 Norra promenaden
 SJ Regional train back to Stockholm





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