Saturday, September 30, 2017

Säffle, Lödöse

I'm back in Sweden and today I'm travelling to Säffle in Värmland and Lödöse in Västra Götaland.
 Leaving Stockholm in the morning
 X2 train to Oslo

 I'm getting off in Karlstad

 My next train is behind the one I arrived with

 It's Tågab train to Göteborg
 The train has Rc3 locomotive and coaches BC2, ABS5, B1, and BC2
 The last coach is BC2 3514 and it has non reserved seats. The coach is from 1943 and it was rebuilt in 1975
 Leaving Karlstad. Two Rd2 locomotives are parked with a freight train, I will later see that train in Lödöse.

 Our train is Tågab 7041 from Falun 07:17 to Göteborg 13:35. There are more Tågab trains today, here is one Tågab 7002 from Göteborg 08:35 to Kristinehamn 11:32. On the way from Stockholm I could also spot Tågab 7060 from Karlstad 07:50 to Stockholm 10:35.
 Y1 from Svensk Tågkraft
 T44 263 from Nordiska Tåg AB
 Road 61
 Banvaktsstuga (Platelayers cottage) in Smedsta

 Edsvalla hydro power plant

 At Edsvalla our train had to wait for a meeting train

 Meanwhile a cat was passing by on the tracks, they have a dangerous life here on the tracks

 One of the 4 X52E trains built in 2012, which is the latest version of the famous Regina train from Bombardier. X52E is used here for SJ Regional services between Karlstad and Göteborg

 Old BC2 coaches had sockets for electric shavers
 Värmlands bro


 The railway here was built in 1879
 Another cat
 Railway street

 Water tower
 It's open since there is a gallery inside

 "Forest of Säffle" by Ingalena Klenell

 Town market

 I'm taking X52E train to Trollhättan

 Lake Vänern

 The railway from Norway

 BM73 to Oslo


 X52 Västtåg

 Trollhättan station

 TMZ 1418 from Railcare

 Train 5555 from Grums to Göteborg Sävenäs
 Västtåg Regional train from Vänersborg
 Granen Fredrik
 The railway between Göteborg and Öxnered was during 2006-2012 rebuilt to double track and high speed standard. It was built for 250km/h, but the maximum allowed speed now in Sweden is 200km/h
Lödöse södra station opened in 2012, 2km away from the town
Göta älv river

Train 9427 that I saw earlier in Karlstad is now passing by here in Lödöse
It has two Rd2 locomotives

Train 5555 from Grums, that I saw earlier in Trollhättan

Lödöse town

X52E from Karlstad to Göteborg

BM73 from Oslo to Göteborg

X52 from Göteborg to Vänersborg

My next train to Göteborg

I'm getting off in Gamlestaden
The area in Gamlestaden is being developed to include offices, retail and apartments.

Warner Bros studios in Göteborg

Göteborg C
My last train today

Pension fund SPP livery

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