Sunday, September 3, 2017

Autumn in Närke

I'm spending a weekend in Närke and take photos of the nature and trains.

 X2 train from Oslo to Stockholm

 Tågab train 47759 from Stockaryd to Kristinehamn

 Rc2 ÖBB 010

 X2 from Oslo to Stockholm

 X2 from Stockholm to Oslo
 Green Cargo 19877 from Rosersberg post terminal (outside Stockholm) to Göteborg. The train is taking a long route through Karlstad.

 Rc4P 1319 - where "P" is for post train. The difference between Rc4 is that Rc4P has top speed of 160km/h.
 Rc2 ÖBB 006

 Rc2 ÖBB 002

 My train to Stockholm is Tågab 7034 from Göteborg.
 The train has following composition: Rc3 1066 + B7 + B5 + R2 + A2K + ABS2

 Upper entrance at Stockholm C
 Combined metro and commuter train entrance at Vasagatan
 The new Stockholm City station

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