Saturday, August 5, 2017

Trelleborg to Stockholm

Today is my last day for this Interrail trip around Europe. I'm waking up in a train compartment onboard Stena Line FS Sassnitz ferry. The ferry arrived to Trelleborg at 3:15 but the train is not leaving the ferry until 7 in the morning.
 At 7 it starts with a heavy noise, and almost all passengers wake up. The ferry is leaving Trelleborg at 7:45 so the train has to move out from the ferry.

 Coaches are hauled to the station at Trelleborg
 3 Traxx locomotives

 Trelleborg F is a station located near the ferry terminal. It's not possible to leave the train here.
 The trip to Malmö will be made with a Vectron locomotive

 The train is ready to continuing the trip

 Kontinentalbanan railway is just 32km long. Before opening of the Öresundsbridge in 2000, this was the main railway from Sweden to the continental Europe.

 Today the line is also operated by Pågatåg (commuter trains in Skåne).
 Skytts Vemmerlöv
 Östra Grevie

 Västra Ingelstad

 Just before entering Malmö, there is a railway junction, with an exit towards Svågertorp
 Railway to Ystad
 Railway from the bridge which the freight trains are now using
 Passing through Malmö
 Persborg station, unused since 2011

 Freight train that was waiting for our train to pass


 Another Snälltåget train
 This is how small the compartment is
 It's made for six passengers, but I'm not sure if it's working out so well. Luckily, we were only 2 in the compartment, as we paid for the empty seats.
 Snälltåget from Berlin at Malmö Central

 The other train is a day train to Stockholm
 Vectron locomotive from Snälltåget supporting 15kV 16.7Hz AC and 200km/h

 Rc6 locomotive with night train from Stockholm
 As I mentioned earlier Vectron locomotive is supporting 200km/h, which the older coaches from Snälltåget does not (max speed is 160km/h). However, Snälltåget has recently purchased Bmpz coaches from the 70's which supports 200km/h. These coaches were used by DB until 2000, and by NS until 2009.
 Bmpz coaches have been refurbished in Romania, they look like new now

The door was open, so I took some photos inside. Only 2nd class seats here

 Before my next train, I have time to visit the area around the station

 Charles X Gustav of Sweden Statue

 Long distance bus stop outside the station

 My next train is X2 to Stockholm

 Arriving to Stockholm about 5 hours later
 Stockholm pride parade is outside the station

 Freight train 4431 from Rosersberg terminal to Malmö is passing by Stockholm Central

 Rd2 and X2

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