Sunday, August 13, 2017


I'm back to Stockholm, and for the upcoming months I will only make shorter trips in Sweden. Today I'm travelling to Örebro to see the "OpenArt" exhibition.
 Walking from T-Centralen metro station to the railway station. This place is usually very crowded but since the opening of the new commuter train station "City" - there is almost nobody here, at least on a Sunday morning.
 I'm taking SJ Regional train to Arboga first.
 Passing by Läggesta
 The new double track line in Strängnäs is almost completed, it will open in June 2018
 The new station in Stängnäs

 The 2nd tunnel

 Traxx locomotive on the route from Öxelösund to Borlänge



 Last stop for this SJ Regional is Arboga
 Next is this X40 to Örebro
 I've had many rainy days this summer, and it's not over yet

 OpenART is Scandinavia's largest biennial of contemporary art by artists from around the world.
 "Natural Geotraffic" by Niklas Fännick
 "Share Chair Arena" by Tadashi Kawamata

 "Fishing" by Diao Wei
 "The rivers cradle" by Leonel Vasquez
 "Downward spiral" by Francesco Bracci
 "Rainmaker" by Miler Lagos
 "Stalagmites" by Marisa Merlin

 "I am here now II" by Anna Pettersson

 "Inuk" by Nelson Vergara
 "Mobile / Smile / Tearoom" by Kanae Ohgi

 "Sedimentaciones / El coleccionista / Editor solitario / Narciso / Linea del destino" by Oscar Muñoz
 "Diary" by Chiaharu Shiota
 "Floating the other way" by Juan Luis Mesa

 "Outbreak" by Nicole Banowetz
 "Ammunition" by Adriana Affortunati
 I'm ready to go back, the sun is back

 "OpenArt" billboard at Örebro Södra

 Tågab freight train

 I'm taking train to Hallsberg before going back to Stockholm
 Itino Y31

 X40, Y31, X2


 A bit unusual coach AFM7
 Control coaches are usual in other countries, but not so common here

 Tågab passenger train from Stockholm

 Restaurant "På spåret" where I'm usually spending time while waiting in Hallsberg
X55 back to Stockholm

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